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Invite a candidate to complete a coding test

Before you start

The DevSkills coding challenges can be completed with different tech stacks. So before sending out a coding challenge to the candidate, please inform them separately regarding what technical stack they are allowed to use.

Alternatively, you can also create a new challenge with a pre-uploaded tech stack.

The process

Navigate to https://app.devskills.co/library and click Invite Candidate on the challenge you want to send out. This will redirect you to the challenge overview page.

On the challenge overview page, you can learn more about the selected challenge.

To invite a candidate, fill in their email address along with any labels you want to add (e.g., tech stack or recruiter name). You can provide up to 10 email addresses separated by a comma if you want to invite several candidates at once.

Also, if you want to get notified about the candidate's progress (e.g. when they accepted your invite, asked for help, or submitted their solution), toggle on the "Watch this candidate" slider.

Press "Send" to send an invite to your candidate.

Inviting might take a few seconds because behind-the-scenes it sets up a new GitHub repository and sends an invitation to the candidate.

The details of the candidate's assignment will then appear on the Candidate List at https://app.devskills.co/candidates.

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