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Tracking candidates' interview progress

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to interpret candidate states to track the interview progress for each of your candidates.

You can always opt-in for email notifications whenever your candidates move between the states. For that, toggle on "Subscribe for candidate updates" when you're on the candidate overview page.

Candidate's Interview Lifecycle

Not started

Whenever you invite someone to complete a coding test, they automatically move the "Not started" state on the Candidates dashboard. The invite they receive doesn't have an expiration date.

In progress

When the candidate accepts their invite, they move on to the "In progress" state. It's always good to communicate to the candidate that you'd send them a coding test and that they should expect an email from us (please remind them to check their spam folder).

Needs support

Sometimes candidates get stuck with their assignment, and to make progress, they might ask for help by creating a GitHub issue on their repository. 

Whenever that happens, they'll move to the "Needs support" state. The candidate will remain in this state until there are no open issues on their repository.

Up for review

Once the candidate has completed their work, they create a Pull Request on their repository in GitHub. That is when their state will change to "Up for review" so that you know who's done with their task and it's time for the next stage of your interview process.

The candidate will remain in this state until there are no open Pull Requests on their assignment repository.

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