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Importing boilerplate for Mobile challenges

Each boilerplate includes a minimal project to help you get started.

To import boilerplate (if you use a Windows machine, do the steps below from git bash):

  1. Go to your assignment repo's directory in your terminal.
  2. Export the desired boilerplate name from the list below. E.g., export boilerplate=mobile-boilerplate-react-native
  3. Copy, paste, and run the following snippet:
cat <<EOF >>init.sh
git clone git@github.com:DevSkillsHQ/$boilerplate.git
rm -rf $boilerplate/.git
cp -r $boilerplate app/
rm -rf $boilerplate
git add app/
git commit -m 'Init boilerplate'
chmod +x init.sh
rm init.sh

Available boilerplates

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