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Spinning up & sharing an in-browser VSCode environment via GitPod

To spin up a new environment

Navigate to the assignment repository.

Prepend the repo url in the status bar with "https://gitpod.io/#" so that it looks like in the image below.

Next, you'll see a login page for GitPod. Hit "Continue with GitHub".

GitPod will complain that it can't open a private repo. So hit "Grant Access".

In the newly opened VSCode environment, wait until you see "you are good to go!" in the terminal.

To share an already spun up environment with someone

While in your GitPod VSCode environment, hit "Share" in the bottom bar.

Hit "Share" in the dialog that follows.

Click "Copy URL to Clipboard" in right bottom dialog.

You can now share the copied URL with anyone (candidate, team member) to code together in your environment. Enjoy!

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