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Using the Teamtailor integration

Setting up the integration

  1. Activate your DevSkills integration via the Teamtailor marketplace (find it under https://app.teamtailor.com/companies/{your_company_id}/marketplace/partners/40/activate)
  2. Send out your Teamtailor company id (find it in the URL when you navigate to the Teamtailor web app) along with your Integration key (find it in your DevSkills integration settings -  https://app.teamtailor.com/companies/{your_company_id}/settings/integrations/partner-activation/545) to us at support@devskills.co.
  3. Add the DevSkills trigger to the corresponding stage of your hiring pipeline.
  4. Specify the default parameters of the DevSkills trigger.

Using the integration

Drag the desired candidates to the stage where you have the DevSkills trigger set up. From now on, you'll be able to monitor the progress on both the candidate's card in Teamtailor and your DevSkills dashboard at https://app.devskills.co/candidates.

Important note

DevSkills sends a welcome email to each of your invited candidates, so please ask them to check their spam folder if they didn't receive it.


    In case there is a problem with sending out a coding challenge, you'll see it on your candidate's card in Teamtailor with the error code and description.

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